Patrick Baugier: when tradition meets passion


patrick baugierThere is always a very good reason for success. Success is never a gift, it is just the natural consequence of a number of positive actions which through years and sometimes through centuries have made the change possible and have created that special difference. And when we come to Patrick Baugier we have most definitely a very good example of how a solid reputation and a longlasting success are built. The roots of Baugier family are very much linked to the very roots of grapes in Aquitaine and in the Bordeaux region. The Baugier family owned a proud firm involved in production and distribution of fine wines already in the 17th century. In respect of his family and of its traditions, Patrick Baugier dedicated all his life to the same mission with the very visionary target to take this company everywhere in the world. After a brilliant law study cursus at Paris Assas University, the brilliant CEO of Metrowine started his own career as financial manager in the family business dedicating himself entirely to high quality wine brands and to the viticulture industry.

Metrowine and Capital Millesime SAS distributing fine brands of wine all around the world

Founded in year 1988 Metrowine had the very ambitious target of introducing French finest wines to American clients. And this very ambitious goal was definitely reached, Metrowine controlling today a portfolio of more than 4.500 clients worldwide accounts which also includes the most important international chefs. Second largest wine dealer in Bordeaux, Metrowine success was followed by the creation of Vintage Capital Wine LLC in year 2001, a company organizing the retail and distribution of the finest wines all over the United States. But the exponential expansion of Baugiers industrial ventures had to grow again with the creation of Capital Millesime SAS, a brilliant network linking more than 175 fine wines growers in the region of Bordeaux.

Patrick Baugier: a visionary businessman between France and the USA

Being a visionary businessman at the head of a mighty industry is not enough. Success never comes alone, success is a very special alchemy of positive energies blended together. Patrick Baugier perfectly succeeded in combining all such positive energies and to create his own empire in respect of the family business traditions coupled to a sheer personal passion for wine culture and a very sincere desire to share this passion with his clients all over the world. More than 150 American wines together with 300 Italian wines and 125 other fine brands arriving from other countries of the world distributed by Baugier companies witness the sincere flair for business and high skills of a modern and brilliant entrepreneur totally devoted to his sincere passion for high quality wines and their worldwide distribution. Sharing this personal passion with his clients all over the world is by far more important than profit and sales turnover for this enlightened CEO, an absolute leader in the global wines distribution industry. When a family business becomes a mission and when this mission has its roots in more than three centuries history it will most definitely go global and conquer the world.